Free Ways You Can Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Selling a new service or product may seem impossible without an ad budget but it isn’t. While an advertising budget will certainly make it easier to reach potential customers, social media provides multiple avenues for free advertising. If you don’t have the money for paid adverts, work on the following opportunities for free advertising. 

1. Cultivate a Following 

One of the easiest ways to advertise to your audience is to make sure they’re subscribed to your socials. You should incentivize following your business on social media. You can incentivize your followers in a variety of ways. Hold a raffle and require people to follow you on social media in order to be eligible to win. Make sure your raffle gift is in line with the product or service you offer, that way you’re getting the kind of followers who will actually be interested in your business. Make sure you’re posting relevant content on social media often so that your followers don’t lose interest. 

2. Post in Relevant Social Groups 

Whatever your industry happens to be, you can be sure there are social media groups that focus on your niche. It costs no money to reach out to people in these social media groups. Whether it’s a Facebook group or a forum, you can reach your potential audience by posting relevant content. However, pay attention to rules against promoting in these groups and be careful not to spam. Breaking rules or spamming your content will ruin your business reputation. Try to advertise in creative ways. Use your expertise to offer up advice or offer to do interviews online where you can plug your content. People have learned to glaze over obvious ads but pulling your audience in with valuable content may get you more customers. 

3. Connect to Other Industry Leaders

Make friends with other industry leaders who have strong social media followings. Once you have gained a respectable following, others in your industry will likely be willing to exchange promotion with you. You can promote other industry professional’s products on your page, they can promote your products on theirs, and you can both double your audience. Collaboration is key to marketing without having to pay any money so make sure you’re making connections and developing a decent reputation. 

4. Offer Discounts for Sharing Online 

Get your following to do your marketing for you by offering discounts to those who plug your services on their own social media accounts. While you may take a cut in your profits with this method, it will be worth it to be advertised by word of mouth. Having your services or product shared by other people will offer customers social proof that your business is worth paying for. 

Don’t let a lack of start-up money keep you from starting your new business. It may take a lot more work to advertise yourself online without money, but it can be done. As long as you’ve got a strong work ethic and believe in your product, you can find success with free advertising.